Sakto, Sulit and Safe – the 3S guarantees of Petron Gasul were showcased at the 2019 World Food Expo (WOFEX) held last August 7-10 at the SMX Convention Center where the country’s leading home LPG brand was a Gold Sponsor.

One of the highlights of the event was a cooking demonstration by Chef Ernest Reynoso Gala, managing director of culinary training studio, Galastars Culinary and a Petron Gasul user for more than 10 years.

Chef Ernest, an internationally-trained chef, attests to the product’s safe and efficient qualities. “In cooking, you need the best ingredients, but we also need the best gas to create something beautiful whether it’s a cake or a main dish. Petron Gasul is the best in the market. It’s sakto, sulit, and safe. What they’re advertising, it’s the truth,” he said.

Sakto means the right weight, so you get exactly what you are paying for, whether it’s 2.7-kg, 7-kg, 11-kg, 22-kg, or 50-kg refill tanks.

Sulit means it is more economical with its consistent true-blue flame. Poor-quality LPG produces a smoky yellowish flame that coats pots and pans with black soot, which means higher consumption of LPG. Petron Gasul, on the other hand, emits a true-blue flame that cooks your food faster while keeping your pots spick and span. All these translate to efficiency, both in LPG use as well as your precious time.

Safe means that all Petron Gasul cylinders have passed quality and safety checks. Petron Gasul cylinders are manufactured to meet stringent safety standards set by the Department of Energy (DOE) including wall thickness, weld integrity, and valve fitting. A laser-printed quality seal is your assurance that each Petron Gasul delivered to your home has passed rigorous safety testing.

At the Petron Gasul booth, fair-goers were offered promotional prices. A 2.7-kg Gasulette with GS3 burner package – perfect as a reserve tank at home, or for those family camping trips – was sold at only Php 1,299. Also available were the standard 7-kg and 11-kg tank for general household cooking needs, as well as the larger 22-kg and 50-kg tank for restaurants and other commercial applications.

22-kg Petron Gasul tanks were used as the official kitchen gas at the cooking stations during the four-day Philippine Culinary Cup, the most prestigious cooking competition in the country.

Another highlight of the Petron showcase at WOFEX was the availability of exclusive Petron Limited Collection items such as Lamborghini mugs, Porsche toy cars, and Avengers collectibles, giving fair-goers a chance to catch up on items that may be missing from their collection.

Beyond WOFEX, Petron Gasul continues to provide convenience through its order system which can be done simply by sending a text message to 0917-878 8000 and waiting for a call to confirm your order details. The refill can also be ordered through the hotline 737-8000 or through the Gasul FB page,