A credit or charged card that enables Petron customers, primarily corporate accounts with a number of vehicles, to enjoy a specific period of interest-free credit. The program will provide the customers with an efficient, secured, convenient and economical way of managing their fleet of vehicles.


Driver Card (D)

The Driver Card operates like a regular credit card. The name of the cardholder is embossed on the face of the card. The limits are linked to the individual and the cardholder can bring any vehicle.

Vehicle Card (V)

The Vehicle Card allows any driver to use the card. The plate number of the vehicle is embossed on the face of the card. The limits are linked to the vehicle. A report on the vehicle’s fuel consumption based on its odometer reading is available for this type of card.

Driver-Vehicle Card (DV)

As an additional control, the Driver-Vehicle Card contains both the name of the cardholder and the details about the vehicle. A report on the vehicle’s fuel consumption based on its odometer reading is available for this type of card.

Petron Fleet Cards operate on a 2-Color Scheme for easier identification of Driver-Specific and Vehicle-Specific Cards

The Petron Fleet Card provides for specific period of interest-free credit. Pre-defined credit term is established wherein payment due is 30 days after each monthly cut-off date.

Payments can be made easily via over-the-counter bills payment facility through our partner banks, UnionBank and BDO.

Microchip Technology

Petron is currently the only fleet service provider in the country equipped with the smart-microchip in its cards. The microchip prevents cloning, tampering or accidental erasure of data stored. Through the microchip, transactions can be processed even during network telecommunication failure particularly in the event of calamities and disasters.

Product Restriction

Fleet Customers may pre-select products and services you want the cardholders to have access to. Below is the list of products and services that can be availed for the Petron Fleet Card:

Fuel : Blaze, XCS, Xtra Advance, Super Xtra, Diesel Max, Turbo Diesel

Lubes : Ultron, Rev-x, other Lubes

Services : Car Wash, Tune-up, Change Oil, other services

Others : Treats, SanMig Food Ave, LPG, Kerosene

Odometer Check

For Vehicle Cards and Driver-Vehicle Cards, the Petron Fleet Card system will prompt the attendant to record the Odometer Reading of the vehicle being presented.

Purchase Limits

The Petron Fleet Card’s microchip system likewise provides additional control and user-defined purchase limits such as:

– Transaction Limit

Daily Limit

Frequency per Day

Monthly Limit ( Peso or Liters )

Active Petron Fleet Card holder is entitled to a free 24 hour Towing and Roadside Assistance privilege nationwide from our partner, Ibero Asistencia Filipinas. Terms and Conditions will apply.

The Petron Fleet Card is the only fleet card in the country with a loyalty feature. All your purchases made through Petron Fleet Cards shall automatically earn points that may be exchanged for exciting items for the company.

Using the Petron Mobile App, cardholders may directly call the Petron Towing and Assistance Center, view the list of partner establishments, and find the nearest Petron service stations and see its amenities.

Discounts and freebies are available to PETRON FLEET CARD and PETRON VALUE CARD holders though our various partner establishments. This will not only grant your employees with added benefits but also provide additional savings when they visit any of our partner restaurants, boutiques, retail shops, hotels, etc.

Low One-Time Joining Fee

The one-time joining fee is Php 5,000 per account (i.e. for the whole company).

Low Annual Membership Fee

The membership fee per annum is Php300 per card. Waiving of the succeeding annual fee will be subject to management’s approval.

Requirements for Enrollment

  • Minimum fleet volume of 5,000 liters / month
  • Attached list of requirements
  • To fast track your fleet card enrollment, you may post a cash bond or Standby Letter of Credit

On a regular basis, Fleet customers will receive the following reports which can help you review the fuel and other product utilization of your fleet:

– Monthly Statement of Account

– Card Analysis Report

– Fleet Manager’s Report

The Fleet Manager will be provided with an exclusive logon-id to our Website wherein he can browse and print reports of your account.