Petron Corporation  (“Petron”, “we”, or “our”) respects your privacy and will keep secure and confidential all personal information and sensitive personal information (collectively, “Personal Data”) that you may provide to Petron  and/or those that Petron may collect from you, pursuant to Republic Act No. 10173 or the Data Privacy Act of 2012, the implementing rules, regulations and issuances by the National Privacy Commission (collectively, “Privacy Laws”), and the relevant policies of Petron.

We explain below the kind of personal data we will collect, how we will process, disclose and retain your personal data, the security measures we will take, and how you can access and correct your personal data.


What Personal Data Is and What Personal Data We Collect from You

In connection with your registration for and participation in the 2023 Annual Stockholders’ Meeting of Petron (Petron ASM”), we need to process your personal data and that of individuals other than yourself (collectively, “you,” “your”) including, but not limited to, name, postal address, contact numbers, email address, government-issued ID with photo, and signature (collectively, “Personal Data”).


Why We Collect Your Personal Data

We will use the Personal Data for the purposes of verifying your identification as a stockholder, communicating with you about your registration and participation in the Petron ASM, counting your attendance and determining quorum (where applicable), processing your question or comment in connection with or during the Petron ASM, and updating your records as a stockholder.


To Whom We Disclose Your Personal Data

Your Personal Data may be disclosed to and shared with the relevant departments, subsidiaries, affiliates and service providers of Petron and government and regulatory agencies (including a stock exchange), subject to compliance with applicable laws and regulations, on a need-to-know basis, and in all cases only for the purposes stated in this Statement and/or for other legitimate business purposes.


How We Secure Your Personal Data

We have implemented technical, organizational, and physical measures designed to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your Personal Data and to secure such Personal Data from unauthorized destruction, access, alteration, disclosure, fraudulent use and/or any other unlawful processing, and other natural and human dangers.

We shall retain your Personal Data for a period of five (5) years or such longer period as may be required for reasonable cause or under applicable laws, rules and regulations or our policies on records and retention.


How to Access, Update, Erase or Block Your Personal Data

You may access and request for updating of your Personal Data by sending an email at smc_stsc@sanmiguel.com.ph. Please be advised, however, that we cannot delete Personal Data which shall restrict or remove our ability to effectively handle or execute transactions related to your stockholdings with Petron.  We may also not accommodate a request to correct and/or delete Personal Data if we believe the same will violate any law or legal requirement or cause the Personal Data to be incorrect.  In all requests relating to your Personal Data, we will verify your identification to protect your Personal Data.


What Your Rights are as a Data Subject

You are afforded certain rights in relation to your Personal Data under the Privacy Laws. You have the right to (i) be informed of these specific rights, (ii) object to the processing of your Personal Data, (iii) access, update, correct, erase or block your Personal Data, (iv) withdraw your consent and/or edit your consent preferences at any time and (v) lodge a complaint before the  Petron Data Protection Officer or the National Privacy Commission in case of violation of your rights as a data subject.

Should you have any questions and/or concerns regarding this Statement, Petron’s use of your Personal Data, or your rights in relation to your Personal Data under the Privacy Laws, you may contact the Petron Data Protection Officer at dataprotectionofficer@petronphtest.risingtide.ph.